White Fillings (Composite)


Whilst most patients try to maintain a good oral hygiene and reduce their frequency of sugar intake, from time to time we may require a filling to restore decayed or fractured teeth

Tooth Decay is caused by acid producing bacteria, these bacteria are found in plaque producing acids following dietary sugar intake. These acids break down the enamel and dentine of the teeth and can cause serious damage to the tooth.

Early tooth decay also known as Enamel decay can be treated conservatively with daily flossing, brushing and fluoride mouthwash use with six monthly reviews by a dentist. Patients are usually not even aware of any symptoms if they have early enamel tooth decay.

Moderate tooth decay known as Dentine decay will need a filling as dentine decay will advance further unless it’s treated by a dentist. Moderate tooth decay can cause tooth sensitivity especially on drinking cold water.

Advanced tooth decay that’s reached the nerve (pulp) of the tooth will need Root Canal Treatment in order to maintain the tooth without pain. Advanced tooth decay can cause pain and swelling and other symptoms such as pain on chewing.


A white composite filling is the most aesthetically pleasing. The filling material is matched to your tooth colour resulting in a completely natural appearance. A composite filling can be provided for patients in a single visit.

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