Snoring Devices

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The reason some of snore is due to the partial closure of the airway during sleep. During sleep muscles in the neck relax and for some people the soft tissue in the upper throat vibrates, which makes the sound we know as snoring.


Mandibular Advancement Splints Mandibular Advancement Splints (MAS) are customised mouth pieces made for each patient to be worn at night time to treat snoring.
This custom made devise is the most clinically proven, tailor made to offer maximum comfort & retention and allows the patient to adjust to optimize effectiveness.

Key benefits:

  • Customised to your mouth for maximum comfort
  • Highly Successful – a reported 95% success in reducing snoring
  • Self-adjustable permitting longer life and total flexibility
  • Robust but slim line
  • Side to side movement whilst being worn
  • Prevents tooth damage from clenching / grinding
  • Modification can be made to allow for dental treatment

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